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    Your first investment?
    It’s all about you!

    1. We know the Market
      • With 20 years of real estate experience, we’ve got the knowledge and expertise of our city and our communities. We’re committed to your education and information in order for you to understand the real estate market trends throughout your buying experience.
    1. It’s Free
      • There is no cost to you working with Nelly de Breze Real Estate Group to buy your home or condo.
    1. The Home Search
      • Identify a selection of properties and neighbourhoods that will get you the most for your money and work best for your lifestyle. Out of the hundreds of listings, we make the home search simple by hand-picking the most promising listings for you.
      • Qualified showings will help you identify what makes your dream home.
    1. Negotiation Skills
      • With a perfect knowledge of the real estate market prices, we will help you to get the best price for the purchase of your home along with avoiding the pitfalls of the competition in a hot market.

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