About Nelly de Breze


Nelly probably became a real estate agent when she was 8 years old. When she was younger, her Mom used to show her and her siblings all kinds of homes while walking in the streets. Consequently, it has given her a unique understanding of the importance of owning a home, emotionally, as well as financially.

At 14 years old, she went to her Mom and asked her firmly: “Mom, let’s buy a home, renovate it and resell it with a profit!” Although her mom was quite convinced by the idea and the assertiveness of her daughter, she encouraged her to first finish her education, her Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate, at the Faculty of Aix en Provence, in France.

Nelly eventually started her career in real estate in 1998. She began investing right away, and she bought two condos in the same year, both with big renovations. During the process, she learned how to deal with time frames, contractors, architects, and banks, along with unexpected expenses, complications and overdue delays. Nothing could discourage her and she eventually made a huge profit on both properties.

She has been in love with real estate since she was a kid and from that point, she knew that this love will grow forever. Nelly was right. More than 25 years later, she is still very much passionate about her career in real estate and ensuring her clients are their happiest.