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    If you are buying a house

    “My own experience in renovating and owning a wide range of personal and investment properties, has given me an intimate knowledge of the workings of a home and the possibilities that go beyond what is originally presented.”

    People rely on me. I want to make sure that they are making good decisions every step of the way. When we buy a property with long term goals in mind, we want to make sure that those goals are met and I feel entirely responsible. I always give assistance and insights to my clients.

    Whether you are relocating to Toronto, whether you are a first time buyer, an investor or you simply need to buy a bigger property, Nelly can help you with all your needs. Feel free to contact Nelly for a free consultation, she will give you assistance and resources to help with your home purchase, with no obligation.

    If you are selling a house

    “When selling your home, you want it sold for the most amount of money and as quickly as possible. Using a number of marketing tools and resources, I will make sure that your home is properly priced and exposed to get its maximum value.”

    Before you put your home on the market, it’s important to interview a number of agents to ensure you end up working with a true professional. Nelly delivers on her commitment with the highest level of professionalism. She will help you from a strategic marketing standpoint and will bring exceptional negotiation skills to the table.

    Nelly provides you with straight-forward advice on the best way to prepare your home for sale, how to minimize potential issues that buyers are likely to identify, and how to maximize the perceived value of your home. Nelly is a perfectionist when preparing a home for sale. To optimize a property, Nelly will provide the best professional contractors, photographers, stagers and home inspectors to prepare the home for sale and present it in the best possible condition.

    Nelly’s goal is simple: Sell your Home for its Maximum Value in the shortest period of time.

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