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    Meet with Nelly

    Real estate has always been a passion for Nelly, an extension of herself. Prior to living in Canada, Nelly resided in France where she created and managed her own Real Estate Brokerage Firms. As a result, Nelly brings a wealth of knowledge in her Real Estate career in Toronto. Coming to Keller Williams Referred Urban Realty Inc. Brokerage with over 20 years of experience, she fully understands the needs and demands of local and international clientele and the importance of client-oriented service.


    She has complete mastery all of the aspects of the sale process and has a solid and proven track record. She brings very strong communication skills to the table along with a keen attention to details. She has the ability to find the perfect home for her discerning clients. Her own experience in renovating and owning a wide range of personal and investment properties, has given her an intimate knowledge of the workings of a home and the possibilities that go beyond what is originally presented.


    Being attentive to details is Nelly’s utmost priority. Her goal is to offer every client complete satisfaction, along with the best possible value from the transaction. Nelly always strives to exceed her clients’ needs and objectives. Her focus and dedication in keeping her clients’ best interests at heart results in long-standing loyal relationships.


    People that have worked with Nelly over the years speak of trust, commitment and her ability to listen and understand their needs and personal situations. Her education, experience and global connections make her an ideal realtor for Buyers or Sellers.


    Languages: English, French

    Why Work with Nelly?

    “Nothing is more important than my Clients. I want to go above and beyond their expectations. That is why I listen, I analyze and plan. Then I work hard to execute and more importantly, I deliver.

    My clients expect nothing but the best. Good advice, professionalism, assistance and proactive approach when finding or selling their home. I never use pressure tactics, but a trusted approach and commitment to be a respected consultant that positively impacts my clients in their real estates’ lives”

    Nelly works with sellers, investors, downsizers and whoever needs a bigger property. Over the years in the Industry, she built an array of tools and resources that her clients can tap into. Nelly is a firm believer in listening and acting. After having taken the time to define her clients’ plans and goals as well as their needs,

    Nelly is helping them to build wealth through real estate and to achieve their goals locally and worldwide. As long as she ensures that her clients are well informed and educated, she begins to work with & for them.

    the history

    Nelly probably became a Real Estate Agent when she was 8 years old! Back in time, her Mom used to show her and her siblings all kind of homes while walking in the streets. Consequently, it has given her a unique understanding of the importance of owning a home, emotionally as well as financially.

    At 14 years old, she went to her Mom and asked her firmly: “Mom, let’s buy a home, renovate it and resell it with a profit!”. Although her mom was quite convinced by the idea and the assertiveness of her daughter, she encouraged her to finish her education, her Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate, at the Faculty of “Aix en Provence”, in France.

    Nelly eventually started her career in Real Estate in 1998. She began investing right away. She bought two condos in the same year, both with big renovation. During the process, she learned how to deal with Time Frame, Contractors, Architects, Banks along with unexpected expenses, complications and overdue delay. Nothing could discourage her and she eventually made a huge profit on both properties.

    ​She has been in love with Real Estate since she was a kid but at that point she knew that this love will grow forever. Nelly was right. 20 years later, she is still very much passionate about her career in Real Estate and still invest in properties.

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